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or sacked -- peter orzag was president obama's financial adviser. this is half an hour. >> if the politicians cannot solve the nation's fiscal problems and the tax issues that separate them, maybe the economists can. we have a top group of economists to join us. please grab a seat. we're talking about finding common ground on tax reform. i am joined by peter orzag, who was budget director for president obama and is the vice chair of citigroup. we have professor martin feldstein, the top economic adviser to president reagan. and donald marron, the director of the brookings institution. we have three experts to talk about these issues, walk through the minefield of tax policy, and see where there may be common ground. peter, let me start with you. the basic question about whether or not tax revenue has to be part of this conversation to begin with, and whether the two sides, whether there is more common ground than they think? >> firs
of foreign relations. also a political practice, mike allen interviews obama campaign manager jim mussina that is just after 8:00 a.m. eastern. then on c-span at noon, the wilson center and a discussion on middle east policy. includes the jordanian ambassador to the united states. >> how does one adequately express the feeling about a special friend? >> when a friend is also a world icon. a national hero of unimaginable proportions. and the legend whose name will live in history long after all today have been forgotten >> they look down kindly onus when she chose neil to be thend first adventure to another world. and to havthe opportunity to look back from space at the beauty of our own. it could've been another comment but it wasn't. it wasn't for a reason. no one, but no one could have accepted the respns
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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